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Jordanne Marie Signing Off {Maternity Leave}


We always knew we wanted kids, and started trying for a family as soon as we got married. I never imagined that it would be so difficult for us, but as life often does, we were completely thrown for a loop. After months of trying, we decided that we would just stop thinking about it and let it happen when God intended. Now, being wedding photographers, this uncertainty was often a point of anxiety and frustration, never knowing if we would have to cancel/refund a wedding client, but we just prayed that God would handle all that.

The summer I was due with Jonathan, we had decided to take it real slow and only book 6 weddings, which was a huge decrease from our usual 20+. Believe me, I was terrified. Photographing a wedding at 35 weeks pregnant, and then having another wedding scheduled only 2.5 weeks after my due date. I figured, how hard could this be? God set all this up, so clearly He will allow me to walk through it! And walk through it I did.

I went way over my due date with Jonathan, and ended up shooting this wedding only 10 days after giving birth. Luckily we had the best couple ever and they understood my need to rest, go slow and pump, but WE DID IT! We had 5 weddings to photograph after Jonathan was born, so what should have been a maternity leave, was extremely short lived. Is Jonathan traumatized from me going back to work so soon? No. Am I traumatized from having to go back to work so soon? No. Did I miss out on some precious snuggle time? Yes, but I survived. If I had the choice would I do this again? Nope.

Which is why, I am proud to say, I will be taking a Maternity leave starting July 1st- until October 1st. All emails received, will be deleted, all Facebook messages will be ignored, shop orders will go unfulfilled. The people pleaser in me is screaming and crying because I hate saying no, and I hate not being able to help people with projects, sessions, etc, but being a mom is extremely important to me, and trying out life as a family of 4 will be a real change! There may also be other huge life changes in our family during this time as well, but we will cross those when we get to them.

As for right now, we are just focusing on welcoming this little girl into a settled home, ready and waiting to love on her! I hope you all understand, and I can’t wait to come back to shooting sessions in the Fall!! <3


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