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Miss Olivia Turns One!!

This is Miss Olivia. We adore her. She is our sweet little niece (will be official when we get married). She can be very serious, and for the first year of her life, she would usually cry when we brought out our cameras. We photographed her when she came home from the hospital, when she took her first steps in Lake Michigan in the beautiful Traverse City. We photographed her on her first Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, and all the fun moments in between. It’s so amazing to watch this little girl grow up. With each visit, she had learned something new. Smiling, laughing, talking, walking. She has an extremely contagious giggle, especially when she’s watching Ryan chase the dogs around. Uncle Ryan got quite the work out running around with her, not to mention the gorgeous weather we were blessed with on her birthday!

She is a girl of many expressions, and I am extremely excited to watch this girl grow up to be a beautiful young lady. Thank you Sarah and Nathan, we absolutely love your daughter, and are so glad to be a part of her life!

Happy Tuesday!

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